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Here are my client testimonials. Feel free to contact them and view the projects we've done together. If you're a client of mines and would like to leave a Testimony, Review, or give Constructive Feedback, hit the "SUBMIT ONE" button below! I would greatly a appreciate it!


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Samyra Lenae Flawless Beauty

Makeup Artist

 7 10 18 

Samyra Harris - "Lachris has been my go-to guy for all of my graphic needs for years!! Since the moment I realized I wanted to take my passion for makeup artistry to the next level and market my brand, He’s been helping me bring my vision to life! Lachris works in a very timely, patient and professional manner so contact him for great quality work. You won’t be disappointed! "

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Cody Worsham

Twitch Streamer

 6 27 18 

Cody Worsham - “I asked Chris to do the panels for my page not too long ago. Luckily I had the honor to watch him work on them. I told him what I wanted and I saw his creativity in his design go to work. From picking colors to the designs to the edits. I was blown away by his talent. He is an amazing and creative designer. His character and work ethic is also phenomenal. Super happy with the work Chris provided for me and the time he accomplished it in. Thank you, Chris! I wouldn’t go to anyone else for design work.”

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David Funchess Jag and Wolf Consulting

Digital Marketer

6 26 18 

David Funchess - “Very timely service from Lachris. He was professional, patient, and most of all willingly, to edit the graphics as needed from my indecisive clients.”

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