Your Privacy

Protecting you and your company's privacy is priority.

Learn about how I handle your personal data and company intelecial property.

What Information I collect

I collect personal information like your personal contact information and intellectual property as far as idea, future products and services, photos, videos, site account information and logins, and anything else deemed as intellectual property.

Where and how your personal inform and intelecial property is stored.

Your contact information is store in my contact book and on my business google account. Intellectual property is stored on my business Apple computer and Apple Notes. This computer and account is never able to be used by others.

What I do with your information and intellectual property

Nothing but but to contact you, and the intellectual property of your company to provide the best service I can. I do not sale, share, your personal information and intellectual property with third party companies.

Last Update 4 / 25 / 2018