Welcome to My Life


This is my personal site to share with others my lifestyle, journey, creative services, career goals, and more! 

Live, Learn, Change, Create, Grow.


My Creative Passions

Graphic Design

I design all of my graphics and video assets and offer graphic design as a freelance and contracted service.


I capture photos professionally but currently not offering it as a stand alone service. I use photography along with my design services

Music Production

I love to create music and music was my first creative passion that me to all my other creative skills. I luse Logic, Garrage Band on iOS, and FL Studio Mobile.


I shoot and edit videos professionally but currently not offering it publicly as a standalone service.

Web Design

I'm keen in front-end web design and development using languages such as HTML5, CSS3, and Javascript. I do not offer as a stand alone service.


My Favorite Activities

Long Boarding


Beach Volleyball


though I'm a striving raw foodist lol



Hanging Out

Watching Tech Videos

My Interests and Likes



Tech in general. Specificaly consumer, robotics, and energy technology.

Personal Development

I love watching personal devlopement videos on youtube in my spare time lol. Constantly trying to improve.

Adding more coming soon...


Earth Tone Colors

Avocados! Watermelon! & Mangos!

Adding more coming soon...




I like all Music Genres, except Country lol sorry

Adding more coming soon...


My Ultimate Life Goal

Is to be free to do whatever I want, whenever, and however I want.


Free to live, explore, experience the world at large, learn faster, change faster, grow, teach, and enrich others lives rather it be my family, friends, or people I come across in my day to day life.