1 A Day


 Running 1 Mile a Day

Back in 2016 and early 2017 I used to run at least 2 miles, 5 days a week along with swimming at least twice a week! I felt awesome, running was also therapeutic and a time to think. I have to get back to that.

Starting today, I’m going to work up to running 1 Mile everyday, some days a little more, but at least 1 a day until I build up my discipline to make it consistent.

Next Goal: 2 miles a day, 5 days a week.


See my progress bellow, will post daily.

Going 100% Raw Vegan


This is my first entry into my journal where I will document and share with the world my life, goals, thoughts, and improvements.

Today I’m going vegan, but not just vegan, “Raw Vegan” which means that Is will be eating solely a plant based diet with an exception every blue moon. I’m sustaining from cooked and processed foods, animal products such as meats and dairy, gluten (wheat) products such as bread, snacks, and condiments, and juice. 

Will also cut out salt, sugar, and all other seasonings for a good while as well, along with all carbs, and low water content foods.

The goal is to give my body a break live a more longer healthier, and active lifestyle; detox, and gain the health, energy, mental clarity, and lifestyle back I had once before when I was a Raw Vegan for half a year back in 2016.

I felt incredible then, but it was short lived because of emotional and financial problems that came later along with an unsustainable drive I had.

Most people don’t see a need to do the emotionally draining task of changing they’re diet because they see nothing is wrong (lack of health issues) and that it’s normal and apart of life to gain weight, and in the long term develops common health issues, weight gain, low energy, and muscle loss to name a few, but luckily I’ll say for me, I’ve had and have a few problems with myself like being gluten and lactose intolerant, having back pains finding it easy to gain wait and hard to loose it at a young age even tho I ran and worked out regularly. All those things forced me to think about my health and how my diet and lifestyle relates to that.  

There are allot of misconceptions, views, and opinions about eating a Vegan or Raw Plant Based Diet but as results from real people show, it is highly and expenencialy benificial to our mental/ physical health and longevity even with the minuscule cons like a “B12 deficiency”, which almost don’t even what that is, where it comes from, and how it’s easy to be deficient in that now a days, but the researchers will learn.

I’ve always said that there’s levels to a heath and healthy diet and we all should strive to get to the most natural and optimal diet with non poisones, easy to digest, high water content raw fruits and veggies being at the top.

So Today is Day 1. If you’re on your journey, please help incurrage me, if you’re looking to start at similar health journey, let’s do it! 

I will keep you updated here in my journey.


Heres a few videos and links to learn more

What is Food (Part 1) 

 What is Food (Part 2)

If you’re interested in learning more, view and follow my “Diet” YouTube Playlist HERE for more videos.

(  https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLRYIV22NgFhPZ9MSUXO30vQEw8HyDA0Sg )


The non “big farma” funded or influenced studies are out there. Get inlightened, live, learn, change, and grow.