Photo Editing & Image Manipulation
With Photoshop CC and Affinity Photo, I have thousands of tools at my disposal to manipulate, and reproduce breathtaking images for the models, families, and businesses, that need a professional touch.

Background Removal
(Subject Cut Out)

The removal of the background so that the subject can be used in design applications such as advertisements, web content, and more. The subject can either be a person, place, or thing.

Spot, Blemish, and Object Removal

The Removal of defects, pimples, scars, blemishes, and almost any undesirable objects from an image

Color and Light Correction

The adding, removal, or change (grading) of colors in an image, along with the Defogging, Brightening, and Darkening, of an image or elements and features contained in an image.

Image Sculpting
The reshaping of an image or elements contained in the image like objects, and body features.
Image Resizing
The Downsizing, Enlarging, Cropping, Rotating, Aligning, and the Manipulation of the Aspect Ratio of an image.
Depth of Fields
The blurring of the background and or foreground to bring more attention to the subject